Handmade paper (recycled sketch pad paper, cannabis stems and rose leaves) aerosol paint, acrylic paint and watercolors.

Opening Show Recap

The show went AMAZING! I got to meet some amazing new people, and saw family and old friends.  You can see my work at Mayan Buzz Cafe until the end of April and possibly a little longer. I am working through photos from the opening and photos of the art work currently; I hope to…

Sneak Peak

A small snippet of the install and some pieces in the show 🙂 I will post a full gallery of every piece with a detailed description after the show opening on April 6th. Until then, look at these! Photos courtesy of my amazing wife Alexis !!!


I am constantly working on and changing every piece of Art I have in my possession, never really getting “done” with any of them, so they evolve on a regular basis ! Some of the pieces I will be showing are ones I’ve been working on for two years!! I love displaying my instruments and…