Jeremiah ( Jay) Jesse Bell was born in Flint, Michigan on June 15th, 1993, and raised in Vassar/Millington, MI.

Currently residing in Gaylord , MI, Jeremiah is a Woodworker & Fine Artist, creating in his home woodshop and studio.

As a Woodworker, Jeremiah specializes in hand-made Rustic Farmhouse style furniture, Industrial Style furniture , and artistically inspired Original furniture designs. Jeremiah has been a full-time woodworker since 2017, creating residential and commercial furniture and built-ins.

As a Fine Artist Jeremiah creates artwork on various musical instruments, vinyl records, canvas, wood, and paper, using primarily Acrylic and Oil paint & brushes, ink, Sharpie, colored pencils and watercolors . Joining  the Tree Love Art Collective in Mt. Pleasant, MI in early 2014 , the art & music scene was an enormous influence on Jeremiahs re-entry into the arts.
Jeremiah has worked as a Craftsman at Great Lakes Reclaimed & Little Bay Boards, an Event Coordinator and Art Director, assisted Music & Art festival productions with art gallery building on site, and Live Painted for many festivals, concerts and private events in Lower Michigan, the UP, and Indiana.

Accepted into ArtPrize 10, 2018 in Grand Rapids, MI at the Mayan Buzz Cafe with his piece “The Peacock and The Crow” ,Jeremiah has also displayed at Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, MI, Beards Brewery Petoskey, MI, and The Walloon Lake Winery in Walloon Lake, MI.

Jeremiah’s hobbies include fitness, hiking/camping, food, listening to vinyl records, road trips with Alexis, and reading non-fiction books.




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